Quote by Moody and the other rookies around Europe


It has become common for college players who graduated or went undrafted to move to Europe instead of joining the D-League. By doing so, they can keep their Nba dream alive while starting a professional basketball career in an environment that prefers tactics and fundamentals to athleticism.

Every year, plenty of middle-of-the-pack European teams choose young, talented players who just left college programmes and will have to adjust to a different lifestyle and approach to the game, as well as to being professionals, and will have to do so while being far away from the comfort of home or university campuses. Of course, the top European teams, like CSKA or Fenerbache, prefer more experienced players, and for those young men who give up their hopes of playing in the Nba, making the roster of such teams becomes a professional goal.

Without further ado, let’s find out who decided to begin his career in Europe.