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#10: Emmett Naar e Joe Rahon – Saint Mary’s

(6 ft 1, 195 lb – 14ppg, 3.7rpg, 6.4apg, 1.3stl, 48.7%FG, 41.8%3P)

(6 ft 2, 195 lb – 10.7ppg, 4.5rpg, 5.4apg, 1.3stl, 43.8%FG, 36.6%3P)

Emmett Naar e Joe Rahon (Saint Mary’s)

Emmett Naar and Joe Rahon (Saint Mary’s)

“They are what our team is about. They make us what we are”, that’s what coach Randy Bennett said about the them. If there’s an explanation to the Gaels being a top team in college basketball, this is probably it. Naar and Rahon are a two headed monster that stays on the court for almost the entirety of the game (respectively 12th and 15th in the nation in percentage of minutes played) thanks to their smart&calm style of play. They are not as fun to watch as other teams, with the ball slowly rotating around the court in search of the best possible shot, running down the shot clock. Still, they are extremely efficient, as their 25 points and 12 assists combined can attest. Naar is the last talented Australian who took the trip from Sydney to Moraga, easily recognizable on the floor for his terrible yet effective shot mechanics.

[gifanimata]bPVYxb9iYbLXi[/gifanimata] Great court vision and horrible shooting mechanics


The other recognizable mark is his ferocious defense, built modeled around his countrymen and ex Gaels Matthew Dellavedova style of play. Rahon is the kind of guard who’s not scared of anything, and plays the same style of defense of his Australian teammate. He does not hesitate when possessions matter or when he is facing better competition: he averaged 15.4 points per game in the games against Gonzaga, California and Stanford.

[gifanimata]1EGFPTAMGZtOU[/gifanimata] In clutch time, the ball is in Rahon’s hands



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