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Second part of our focus on the bottom-10 of the Nba standings. The 5-worst teams in the league, with the only exception of the Brooklyn Nets, will welcome the top college prospects in the 2017 draft. Keeping an eye on them, keeping track of their lottery odds and understanding the current team situation is extremely important. Here is a quick look at the Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets. Part One is available here.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Joel Embiid Experience lasted 786 minutes and 31 games, including a certain amount of scheduled rest for caution. However, nothing could prevent a partial meniscus tear in his knee that will keep him out for the rest of the season. And yet, his performances were so impressive one could make the case for him to win Rookie of the Year, although it would be unprecedented to have a winner with such a small sample size. That has more to do with how bad this rookie class was. The Nerlens Noel problem has been solved, and the team probably got back less than what it might have, but kept its word and sent Noel into a situation where he can be a starter. The Jahlil Okafor problem is still a static presence in the paint that is of no help whatsoever


but that might be fixed in the summer. Despite all the criticism, the 76ers future is bright. Nobody hopes Embiid’s career will be cut short because of injuries (as for the Greg Oden comparison, he is sidelined with a knee injury, which is certainly concerning, but it has nothing to do with the foot that kept him off the court for 2 years), but if it had to happen, Philadelphia has more chances at a franchise player. The 76ers will have a high draft pick in 2017 (the best one between the Sacramento Kings pick and their own), will have a first round draft pick from the Los Angeles Lakers (in 2017 or 2018, more on that later) and an unprotected 2019 first round pick from the Kings. And they’ve got Sam Hinkie to thank for such a treasure. This roster also has a few talents that could make the presenter brighter than what it really is: Dario Saric showed a lot of promise and is a legit Rookie of the Year candidate, if voters will decide not to consider Embiid. The Process lives on.