Quote by A first month full of wonders


The first month of college basketball saw Final Four-worthy games, impossible upsets, the debut of five-star freshmen, disappointments and so much more. BN chose the ten most interesting events so far, whether it was about coaches, teams, statistics, single plays or personal performances. BN’s top ten:

#10 Duke’s offense, despite injuries

Bolden, Giles e Tatum (Duke)

Three top recruits sidelined with injuries. A six-men rotation. The best player shooting 40.5% from the floor. And it still is the most efficient offense of the nation. The Blue Devils didn’t really miss Giles, Tatum and Bolden, nor the fatigue generated by a very short rotation (341st in bench minutes %). Most of the credit goes to Luke Kennard and Amile Jefferson, both serious candidates to being named Player of the Year in the early part of the season. The former is still the usual sharpshooter, but he is also proving he can be a real leader and run the offense, showing unexpected court vision skills. And he scored 35 points in the game Tatum and Bolden are back in the rotation.

The message is quite clear: he is not just filling in, he is there because he belongs. Jefferson is the heart and soul of coach K.’s team, a great rebounder and a very efficient scorer (67.3%). In the meantime, the three injured players are back and the offense still runs smoothly. How will the rotation change once Harry Giles will be back without restrictions?