Quote by BasketballNcaa rates the year of 2016

Last day of the year and Conference season has just begun. After two months of Ncaa play, it is time to draw a few overall evaluation of this new season. Every BN’s member answered 10 quick questions to sum up what happened.

What is your pick for best team?

Stefano “Bobby” Russillo: Villanova. It’s the most solid team, has the best system, Josh Hart is playing at POY-level and Mikal Bridges is one of the most improved players in the nation.
Fabio Cro: UCLA. Last year it was a disaster and coach Alford was on a hot seat, but the Bruins were the most impressive team, especially for the potential that is yet untapped.
Stefano “Mac” Bei: UCLA. Everybody knew they were going to be good, but nobody saw THIS coming.
Manuel Follis: by looking at both offense and defense, I’d go Virginia
Raffaele Fante: UCLA is not just the best team, it is also the most fun to watch.
Riccardo “Ric” De Angelis: Villanova. Not a perfect team, but they are as solid and efficient as it gets.
Paolo “Pablo” Mutarelli:  Kansas has the best backcourt in the nation and Josh Jackson seems to be a great fit in an offense that proved tough to adjust to for his predecessors.

Kentucky vs UCLA

Kentucky vs UCLA

Which team did better than expected?

Stefano “Bobby” Russillo: on paper, Baylor is not worth a top 25 spot, but they are top 15 in both offensive and defensive efficiency thanks to a balanced system. And Jonathan Motley finally grew into the leader they needed.
Fabio Cro: Gonzaga. They are better than last year, despite the roster overhaul.
Stefano “Mac” Bei: Creighton is always snubbed because it’s part of the Missouri Valley, but the whole program is much better than the level of competition.
Manuel Follis: Baylor. Nobody saw it coming.
Raffaele Fante: Number of votes for Baylor in the AP preseason ranking: zero. Now it’s unbeaten at #4.
Riccardo “Ric” De Angelis:Baylor in the short list of unbeaten teams in December? I doubt anyone would have said that.
Paolo “Pablo” Mutarelli: Gonzaga lost 4 of it’s first 5 players for minutes played. It has a perfect record and is a top20 team in both offense and defense.