• 19/04/2017

    Grayson Allen will have his last stand

    The guard chose to stay at Duke for his senior year. He will have to bounce back from a negative year which put in danger his once bright future in the Nba.

  • 07/02/2017

    Kansas holds on, Louisville plummets

    The Cardinals lost to Virginia, the Jayhawks grind out a win against Kansas S, coach K is back, FSU flex some muscles and Wichita State gets his revenge.

  • 31/01/2017

    Gonzaga can not lose, Duke is back

    It was a long week, with plenty of upsets and changes in the ranking. The Zags are the new #1 Duke is back into business and the other top teams survive.

  • 18/01/2017

    Luke Kennard, Mr Reliable

    Injuries and unsportsmanlike behavior are dragging Duke's season down and the Blue Devils have only one player to rely on.

  • 03/01/2017

    The fall of the giants

    An exciting start of Conference playwith Duke and UNC losing to lesser competition, UCLA getting the first loss of the season and 'Nova staying perfect.

  • 31/12/2016

    BasketballNcaa rates the year of 2016

    Who would deserve the #1 pick next June? Who is the most underrated? Surprises? Disappointments? BN rates the first stretch of college basketball.

  • 21/12/2016

    A first month full of wonders

    Fort Wayne, TCU, the almost buzzer beater of the year, Duke's offense and more. A quick look at the 10 biggest events of the early season.

  • 01/12/2016

    ACC-Big Ten, Duke & Wisconsin on a roll

    Duke wins against Michigan State and Wisconsin destroys Syracuse. Here is a recap of the first eight games of the Acc/Big Ten Challenge.

  • 19/11/2016

    Top10 backcourt duo in college basketball

    Which one is the best backcourt duo in college basketball? Fox-Monk or Mason-Graham? BasketballNcaa ranked the top 10 guard pairings in the nation.

  • 16/11/2016

    Super Kentucky, Duke falls to Kansas

    Michigan State was blown out by UK, thanks to Malik Monk huge game. In the other game, Frank Mason hits the jumper for the Kansas win over Duke. A recap of the Madison Square Garden night.

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