Quote by Nba preview – Rookie & Sophomore in the Atlantic Division


New York Knicks

Sophomore: Kristaps Porzingis
Rookies: Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Marshall Plumlee

Porzingis is not shy, fans got it when he started dunking everything back into the basket. Then, Durant said he is a unicorn, and Nowitzki added that he is for real. And for a change, the Knicks might have a coach that will not play him out of position, and he will stay at the power forward position with stretches at center when the Knicks want to go small. His second year will be much harder than the first, since opponents will now respect him more and will be more careful when he is in the game and the renewed roster will cut his touches. Every statistics last season, advanced or otherwise, projected him as a superstar caliber player and he is one of the three players who can be legit playmaking-centers. A lot will depend on coach Hornacek and on the responsibilities he will be allowed to take, and who he will take those responsibilities from.

Kuzminskas and Marshall Plumlee will not find much playing time. Noah and ‘Melo are unlikely to play every game of the season, but the roster is deep enough to cover any single game they will miss. In case of injuries they might get their chance.