Quote by Nba preview – Rookie & Sophomore in the Atlantic Division


Toronto Raptors

Sophomore: Norman Powell, Delon Wright
Rookie: Jakob Poeltl, Pascal Siakam, Jarrod Uthoff, Fred VanVleet

Norman Powell had a good season, and an impressive post season. He will now have to prove his performances were not a fluke. His skills allow coach Casey to space the floor around DeRozan, and if the Raptors are to reach the Western Conference Finals again this year, his versatility and shooting will be needed. Delon Wright spent the season mostly with the Raptors D-League affiliate, but he dislocated his shoulder in Summer League and will be available again in January.

Jakob Poeltl, a sinistram, e Pascal Siakam, a destra.

Jakob Poeltl (left) and Pascal Siakam (right)

Poeltl was a necessary pick on draft night, considering Biyombo was getting paid more than the Raptors wanted to offer him. He will need time to grow, much like every other 7-footer in the game, but he showed in college he has a good work ethic and is a fast learner. He is a good passer both from the high and low post and that will get him some time on the court, but he will have to be consistent on his jump-shot to be a real threat.

Pascal Siakam was a first round choice and that raised a few eyebrows. The Raptors bet on his potential, considering his career at New Mexico State. He will have to work hard to get playing time, since the team already has a few young PFs available, but the lack of a clearly superior talent at the position leaves the door opened for Siakam. It could be the same for Uthoff, but he will probably sign with the Raptors 905 after training camp. VanVleet, on the other hand, might be the third point-guard at roster and be back-and-forth with the Raptors 905.