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The third chapter of our journey through all the rookies and sophomores in the Nba is the Central Division. We already discussed the Atlantic Division and Southeast Division.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Sophomore: Jordan McRae
Rookie: Kay Felder

Jordan McRae was almost out of the Nba when, last March, the Cavaliers offered him an unguaranteed contract until 2017, and even then, he never really had much of a chance, playing 7.5 minutes in 15 games. But he worked hard behind the scenes and earned both a spot with the team and an invitation to the exclusive Summer Camp organized by LeBron James, who said: “The kid has been working so hard and ever since we got him he’s been soaking in the process. As long as he’s here I think it’s my duty to try to help him” (per Cleveland.com). And if LeBron wants to help, you have to jump at the opportunity. Will he receive more playing time? That will depend on J.R. Smith, among other things, but Mo Williams retired, so his minutes are up for grab. Oh and, he seems to be doing just fine.

Cleveland bought the 54th pick from the Atlanta Hawks and then selected Kay Felder, who signed a 3-year minimum contract with a partially guaranteed second year. The team clearly thinks Felder is a valuable addition, maybe not immediately but certainly in the future. The ex Oakland guard averaged 17.5 points and 7.8 assists in his college career and probably fell on draft night because of his diminutive size. Normally, he would challenge McRae for playing time, but the Cavs will be coasting through the regular season and they will both see the court.

Quote by Nba preview – rookie e sophomore (Central)