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Milwakee Bucks

Sophomore: Rashard Vaughn
Rookie: Thon Maker, Malcolm Brogdon

Rashard Vaughn was a non-factor last season, despite playing 14.3 minutes in 70 games. He did not take many shots and when he did he was not efficient, being a general negative for his team. This year, given Middleton injury, he will have more minutes but he will have to show some improvement on his shooting to keep his spot.


Il gm dei Milwakee Bucks, John Hammond (a sinistra), Malcolm Brogdon, Thon Maker e coach Jason Kidd (a destra).

Malcolm Brogdon might be the one taking Vaughn playing time. He signed for 3M in 3 years and if he had to be as efficient as he was in his last college season he might be a legit starter for a team hungry for three-point shooting. And he should be at least competent on defense with his long arms.
Thon Maker probably was the real surprise in the 2016 draft. He did not attend college and jumped directly from prep school to the Nba, with rumors about his real age and his raw potential that made him far from an immediate contributor. The Bucks raised some eyebrows when they picked him 10th overall, but he certainly fits their approach in the rebuilding plan: young, versatile and athletic players with incredibly long arms, even if they had to be very raw. The Bucks will not be good anytime soon, both because of the injuries that slowed down their growth (Parker in his rookie season, Middleton in the summer) and because players need time to grow, but when they will be ready they will terrorize the Nba.

Quote by Nba preview – rookie e sophomore (Central)