Quote by Nba rookies: the hidden development process


The draft is often a matter of luck for both teams and players. The Nba has thrown under the bus plenty of talents in its hurry to decide whether a 20-something-year-old is worth the league, and most such talents never have a second chance. Landing on a team and in a situation that allows a young player to develop is extremely important, especially for those kids coming into the league without the stigmata of the franchise-changer. A single player remains in the league for an average of about 6 years, an estimate that includes the 15 year-plus veterans, a group getting bigger every year because of better health awareness than in the past. Coming into the league with the right approach and in the right context is extremely important. Just ask Jimmer Fredette.

Every year, there is a group of widely popular players that usually disappear once they step into the Nba or fly under the radar (and will probably keep a low profile until the next training camp at the very least). Today’s focus is on four such players, Stephen Zimmerman, Cheick Diallo, Thon Maker and Deyonta Davis. Of the four centers considered here, only Davis has consistent minutes with his team, while there are plenty of questions surrounding the others.