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Marcus Paige, PG, Salt Lake City Stars

Paige had a very good senior year where he led North Carolina to a loss in the final against Villanova. He was the #55 pick for the Utah Jazz, but after spending the summer with the main team, he was waived and signed to the Salt Lake City Stars, the D-League affiliate of the Jazz. It is a pretty common path for second round picks, it was the same for Yogi Ferrell and the Brooklyn Nets. Unlike the Nets, the Jazz are a playoff team and have a deep roster at all positions. He is unlikely to get a call-up from the main team, and he might never make a team. As in, any team.

He has been averaging 12.6 points, 2.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 33 minutes, in line with his college averages. He has no Nba contract, since he was waived by the team, and his agreement with the Stars will expire at the end of the year. When that happens he will be a free agent, and if no team had to show some interest, he might decide to move to China or Europe to revive his career. The good part of this type of contract is that fringe Nba players have an easy way to an Nba roster, but in his case, it is not going to happen with the Jazz. Beside, he is not playing himself into a contract.

It might be the umpteenth case of an Ncaa star not making it to the Nba (ask Jimmer Fredette for information). As of today, the Stars have a depressing record, a terrible offense and an average defense (in a league that doesn’t really have strong defensive schemes). The constant roster turnover is not enough to justify Paige’s performances. He might find himself out of the Nba circles pretty soon. And if that had to happen, Europe will be more than glad to welcome him.