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Balls hitting faces and giant shoes

Autore: Stefano Russillo
Data: 21 Mar, 2017

Before we start: did you get your bracket busted after the first day of March Madness? Well, if it is of any consolation, you are in good company.


Maybe you want to comfort this Louisville fan? Tell her she is not alone in this cold world?

Since we are on the “shattered bracket” subject: after Villanova lost to Wisconsin, USA Today did predict an easy road to the Final Four for Duke. They might have been wrong with their prediction. And the official South Carolina twitter account chimed in after the game.


Best move of the tournament? Florida’s Devin Robinson jab step.


How do you live a March Madness game as a fan? Here is your “manual of fan’s emotion”, from a young Northwestern fan


Biggest shoes in the tournament? Florida State’s Michael Ojo‘s.


How to stop West Virginia‘s press defense? This is Bucknell’s suggestion.

By the way, it wasn’t all that effective.


UNC Wilmington wanted to crush Virginia‘s hopes in the first round, but things backfired for the Seahawks, who ended up being crushed…


Michigan offered the most eccentric locker room celebrations, with coach John Beilein ready to fight against the shower his players were going to pour on him… with a water pistol.


Act One: Bonzie Colson on the floor.


Act Two: Bonzie Colson, on a close up in full HD… doing what, exactly?


How about some controversy? The video below shows Lynn Marshall, wife to Wichita State’s coach Gregg Marshall, who was wild on the stands during the game the Shockers lost to Kentucky. It appears the woman has been repeatedly invited to calm down and even escorted out of the arena. It also appears Mrs Marshall later requested the Ncaa to remove the video that was posted online. Good luck with that.


Talk about controversy, Saint Mary’s did not take this call against Jordan Hunter (in a crucial moment of the game) very well. The foul seems to be “let oneself be pushed from behind by Markkanen”. Yes, the foul is on the blue jersey.

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