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Which team did worse than expected?

Stefano “Bobby” Russillo: Uconn. Larrier, Gilbert and Diarra are injured, but that’s not enough of an excuse. They have a 5-7 record and are 232nd in offensive efficiency in the nation. That’s a huge disappointment for an AAC team that still has Adams, Purvis and Brimah at roster.
Fabio Cro: Duke. Just look at what their potential. Injuries are not an excuse.
Stefano “Mac” Bei: Michigan State. They were a top10 team in preseason, but they are inconsistent.
Manuel Follis: It would be easy to say Michigan State, but I don’t feel like betting against Izzo. I’ll go with Syracuse. Their nightmarish zone defense is a thing of the past.
Raffaele Fante: Syracuse, even worst than Michigan State, since the Orange have a healthy roster.
Riccardo “Ric” De Angelis: Syracuse. They are 8-5 and lost by 33 at home against St John’s.
Paolo “Pablo” Mutarelli: I’ve always loved Shaka Smart “Havoc defense”, but things didn’t work out at all for Texas.

Let’s make it harder. Name a team nobody is talking about but that could be a major surprise in the next month and should be worth watching?

Stefano “Bobby” Russillo: South Carolina. They are the third defense in the nation and still get snubbed at the AP poll. Also, fans should keep an eye on PJ Dozier. And Sindarius Thornwell is about to get back as well.
Fabio Cro: Florida State Seminoles! They play fast and fun and they have two players in Isaac and Bacon that are worth watching.
Stefano “Mac” Bei: South Dakota. Trey Burch Manning and Matt Mooney are two sophomores that might be doing well in the future.
Manuel Follis: Harvard is pulling it together. The team is incredibly young and talented, and Bryce Aiken is worth keeping an eye on.
Raffaele Fante: California is not as talented as it was last year, but Charlie Moore is the kind of scoring threat they needed at PG, and the duo of Moore and Rabb is hard to stop.
Riccardo “Ric” De Angelis: there’s a 7-5 Senegalese giant that has the moves of a 6-11 player and sports the most amazing goggles ever. Isn’t that enough to watch UCF?
Paolo “Pablo” Mutarelli: they say Jawun Evans is the second coming of Chris Paul. He is trying to get Oklahoma State back to the top of college basketball. And Brad Underwood is one of my favorite coaches.

Ncaa Basketball - Lonzo Ball (Ucla)

Lonzo Ball (Ucla)

About the draft: which played would be your #1 pick, whichever team the pick is going to?

Stefano “Bobby” Russillo: Lonzo Ball. I would trust him to run an Nba team right now. He is a PG with the body of a wing and he silenced any concern on his outside shooting by averaging 42.7% from three. And he can play defense.
Fabio Cro: I’d go with UCLA’s TJ Leaf. Great talent and fundamentals.
Stefano “Mac” Bei: Lonzo Ball. He has been the superior player so far, a natural leader with great court vision. He has to improve in his shot mechanics.
Manuel Follis: So far, Lonzo Ball is the best player. Hands down.
Raffaele Fante: Jawun Evans. What he lacks in height, he has it in IQ and talent.
Riccardo “Ric” De Angelis: I’ll go with Lonzo Ball as well. His shooting mechanics might be an issue at the next level, but the rest is too much to pass on.
Paolo “Pablo” Mutarelli: Lonzo Ball, without question. As The Ringer’s Jonathan Tjarks said, “he’s a 19-year-old who has been given the keys to a high-powered sports car, and he’s allowed to drive it as fast as he wants”.