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Davis, Willis and the other Goodfellas

Autore: Stefano Russillo
Data: 19 Ott, 2016

Did you think a 20-year-old athlete was much more mature than your average 20-year-old student? Yeah, me neither. But we do love stories, because, who doesn’t? And the thing with athlete is, when they do something stupid or plain wrong, we learn about it because everything they do is public.

So here is what’s going on with the Ncaa bad boys.

Never make a Jesuit angry

Having troubles with the law is never a good idea, and it is even worst when the felon is a student at a Jesuit college. See Myles Davis, for example, who was suspended by his Alma Mater Xavier for an indefinite period of time, a suspension likely to keep him off the basketball court for the rest of the season.

Davis was in Kenton County District Court last July when Judge Ann Ruttle issued a protective order against him, after his former girlfriend sued him for assaulting her on multiple occasions. Davis is not allowed withing 500 feet of her for the next three years. Chris Mack, the Musketeers head coach, together with the university management, decided to suspend him from all activities because his behavior is not in line with the university values. This decision will cost Xavier the contribution of one of the best players at roster, coming off a season where he averaged 10.8 points and 4 assists.

Myles Davis e Chris Mack (Xavier)

Myles Davis e Chris Mack (Xavier)

This is not the first time the Musketeers have to deal with undisciplined students: last May J.P. Macura was accused of obscene acts in public places and to be in possession of fake documents, while in 2012 Dez Wells was expelled from the university after being accused of sexual abuse and had to finish his studies at Maryland.

Huell and the media

Power forward Dewan Huell is one of the best recruits in the last few years for the Miami Hurricane (ranked 21 in the 2016 class according to Espn) but he already made himself known for off-the-court issues.

Last September he was arrested for assaulting one Samuel J. Bailey after finding out Bailey was intimate with his girlfriend. Local media instantly reported the news, but Huell did not take well the attention and in a tweet, later removed, he apologized for his behavior while attacking those who, in his opinion, did not stick to the fact while reporting the event.

Ncaa basketball

Coach Larranga said he will not suspend Huell, who might be a starter this season, and might be able to calm him down a bit.

Dupree the lustful

College has plenty of sex-related scandals, and Louisville is only the last to be involved in one: Dupree McBrayer, together with teammates Nate Mason and Kevin Dorsey, posted on social media an erotic video that filmed the three of them. Minnesota immediately suspended the players for the rest of the season. Considering Minnesota’s final record, their year was a lot more interesting off the court, including coach Pitino spending spree and his players launching their careers in the porn industry.

Kevin Dorsey, Nate Mason e Dupree McBrayer (Minnesota)

Kevin Dorsey, Nate Mason e Dupree McBrayer (Minnesota)

Coach Cal forgives…

Kentucky is a lot more careful to its students’ value on the court rather than their moral values. That’s why coach John Calipari decided not to suspend Derek Willis despite his misadventure with the law of the Bluegrass State. Last June Willis was in Boone County in the small hours of a wild night when he was found unconscious by the local police near his car, in the middle of the road.

The consequences were a sentence for abuse of alcohol in public spaces and the video of his conviction becoming viral in the States, as you can see here:

The Wildcats senior, after an unexpectedly positive junior year, where he averaged 7.7 points and 4 rebounds, apologized publicly, admitting it was a mistake, stated that he learned his lesson and wants to leave everything behind and focus on next season, his last with coach Cal.

…And coach Few does too

Willis was not the only one having trouble with alcohol. On October 9th Josh Perkins, Gonzaga’s point guard, was charged with DWI near Spokane. Immediately after the news broke Mark Few sided with his player, conscious of the gravity of the situation, and said himself ready to give all the necessary support to Perkins. It is obvious Gonzaga has a strong interest in the PG, who will be asked to lead the team after losing two important players in Kyle Wiltjer and Domantas Sabonis. He will have to be in front of the judge on November 11th, and coach Few is likely to be with him.

The Montague issue, chapter 3

Jack Montague (Yale)

Jack Montague (Yale)

New chapter in the battle between Yale and ex Bulldog Jack Montague. First, a quick recap of the past episodes:

Chapter 1: last February Yale expelled the Bulldogs‘ captain after the player was accused of raping a girl at campus.

Chapter 2: last June Montague’s lawyer sued the university for expelling the player without sufficient evidence of the facts, arguing that the intercourse with the girl was consensual and requesting Montague to be reinstated as a student and athlete.

Chapter 3: the Connecticut judge who was in charge of the case accepted Montague’s request and set the date for the trial for next February.

See you soon for the next chapter.


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