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Princeton Tigers #12

Autore: Stefano Bei
Data: 14 Mar, 2017

Record 22-6

Princeton’s goal was to be back in top 25 or top 30 in the nation and the games against BYU, VCU, California and Saint Joseph’s were supposed to help with that, except Princeton lost all of them. The team lost 6 games in the whole season, all of them part of a non-conference schedule that was planned in an attempt to increase the Strength of Schedule parameter used to evaluate the final record of the season. Princeton is averaging just over 71 points per game and are 293rd in rebounds per game in Division I and 7th out of 8 teams in the Ivy League. They still had no problems winning the first Ivy League tournament in history.

Key Players

Sophomore Devin Cannady is the team top scorer with 14 points per game. A freshman playing 22 minutes per game in the Ivy League is a rare sight, and in his second year he saw his minutes raising to 32 per game. His experience will be extremely useful next season, when Princeton will lose most of the scorers on the team, all of them in their senior year.


The goal is to reach the second game, as usual. And if it will happen, it will be a victory, as usual.

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